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Apr 12, 2018

It’s rare that we come across people who have explosive and bubbling personalities that makes us want to smile and keep smiling. We are happy,…, no ecstatic to have American expat Jacqueline Bruce as a guest. It’s hard to not be influenced by her positive energy. It’s easy to hear and feel this radiating from her voice and warm smile.

Jacqueline is a professional opera singer living in Berlin, Germany. Listen to her story of how she, at a very early age, became interested in singing and studying opera in the US. Find out what led her to look abroad to greener pastures in Europe to pursue her dream of performing and, when time allows, teaching opera.

Memorable Notes!

Jacqueline also teaches opera via Skype and Facetime. If you or anyone you know is interested in studying opera, please contact her and let her know that you heard this episode.

Website: Jacqueline Bruce

LinkedIn: Jacqueline Bruce on LinkedIn

Jacqueline Performing Opera

Soundcloud: Je dis que rien ne m’épouvante

Soundcloud: Meine Lippen sie küssen so heiss

Soundcloud: Ah! fuggi il traditor!


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