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Apr 2, 2017

From overseas, expats can offer unique perspectives that may not be easily observed by international media outlets.

With all the cultural and political uprising taking place in the world today, now is the time for expats, who have had the opportunity to interact and live amongst different cultures, to make their points of views heard and work to breakdown cultural misunderstandings that have developed through suspicions, hate and fear.

James Thomas, the host of Four Seas One Family, is working with other like-minded expats located in different parts of the world to create a podcast program for expats to hold live online discussions about both local and global events that may directly or indirectly influence their home nation or the nation they currently reside in. The podcast will be called "The Expats Roundtable".

The Expats Roundtable will be based on the following:

1. Members are to be expats who currently live abroad or “former expats” who have returned to their ”home country(ies)“ but have lived “long-term” overseas before.

2. In the beginning, membership will be built from introductions from current expat members. The more expats taking part, the more information that could be created and exchanged. This would offer a lot of value.

3. Roundtables “should” be held every two weeks on-line via Youtube’s Google+ Hangouts at pre-arranged times. It is hoped that in the future selected expat members can assist in hosting online discussions from expats located in different time zones at pre-arranged times.  Each roundtable should have a topic that is chosen by members or a recent trend or event that affects expats domestically or abroad. Let’s use a very informal topic selection process. In fact, more than one topic may be covered at once in a roundtable.

4. No member is required to take part in any ”certain number“ of roundtables to be considered a member. However, it is hoped that participation becomes strong and lasting.

5. In order to help assist in keeping discussions opened and balanced, non-expats maybe allowed to be invited to, and  take part in, on-line and off-line discussions.

6. ”The Expats Roundtable group could help drive some interest to members personal or business related websites while, at the same time, keeping the branding of a member’s main website(s) separated from "The Expats Roundtable group.

7. Discussion topics, times and dates will be coordinated via email and online polling.


1. Members should be current or former expats who write a blog post or produce a podcast episode at least once a month.

2. A “former expat” is defined as someone who has lived abroad for at least two years. Exceptions maybe allowed.

3. Membered expats are requested to assist in promoting "The Expats Roundtable in some way and, if they like, promo other member’s blogs or podcasts as well. It is hoped that the cross promotions will raise awareness of content created and produced by members who may specialize in a niche that other listeners maybe interested in.


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