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Jan 25, 2017

Living as an expat can sometimes be like riding a rollercoaster in a thunderstorm. Sometimes things appear like they are going for a positive up swing an sometimes the swing runs out of inertia and head straight to the bottom. The same thing can be said for life in one’s home nation. However, riding the cultural wave as an expat takes a very different approach to facing fears, filtering doubts and finding of positive conclusion.

Our guest this episode is Ms. Jasliyn Albert. Jasliyn is an American expat living in Ufa, Russia. Hear how this expat’s experience helped her to become stronger after facing issue after issue in a location over an hour flight outside of Moscow. Hear how Jasliyn managed to overcome her shyness that allowed her to face doubts when being confronted at her job as an English language instructor.


Website: Coffee and Cleveland

From Jasliyn’s blog “ Coffee and Cleveland”:

I am an American expat living in Russia. When I’m not teaching English or trying to master the Russian language I am taking photos of old buildings, graffiti, or abandoned places. Want to know more? Read about it here. You can follow along with my book list here. If you still want more you can follow my bucket link.

Contact Jasliyn on her Contact Page.

Facebook: Coffee and Cleveland

Twitter: Follow @jasilynalbert

Instagram: jasilynalbert

Pinterest: jasilynalbert


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