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Mar 31, 2016

In this episode, we chat with Ms. Clara Wiggins, a prolific blogger, writer and mother of two wonderful girls from the UK and now living in South Africa. Clara is a TCK (Third Culture Kid) and shares her expat experiences with us and offers up some tips for living life abroad. Clara talks about the challenges of raising and educating children in an environment unlike the one they come from. Also, she taps into issues accompanying spouses of different types face while trying to maintain their relationship. 

Clara is also the author of a book that I feel future and present-day expats should read called “The Expat Partner’s Survival Guide”. In her book, Clara opens up a pathway for understanding issues expats face while adapting to life overseas as well as explains some crisis an expat may face abroad.

Mentioned in this episode:

Expat Partner Survival:

Clara’s engaging handbook about living life as an expat:

Expat Partner Survival Guide on Amazon.

Please take time out to read Clara’s fact filled series about expat depression. Find out how to handle depression and where to look for help:

A Series on Expat Depression: Introduction

What’s it’s like being a same-sex expat partner