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Jul 20, 2016

In this episode James and Jon Dunning sit down for a chat about the different types of expats that adventure beyond their nations borders to experience life and for what reasons. Expats view their overseas life experience in many ways and in this podcast learn about the make up of a few of them.

The expat's approach to assimilation and humility in learning about a host country's culture, balancing birth/host country cultures, are we conquerors, escapees or explorers?



Other possible types of expats:

Student / Ex-student

Job /Career recruit

Traveling spouse

Idealist or Romantic

New Lifestyle


As of 2015: Examples of global migration:

Source: International Organization for Migration

United States

Outward migration from United States of America: 2,994,925.

In 2015, 0.92% of all citizens of United States of America lived outside their country of origin.

Inward migration to United States of America: 46,627,102.

In 2015, the immigrant population of United States of America was 14.49% of total resident population.

United Kingdom

Outward migration from United Kingdom: 4,911,334.

In 2015, 7.05% of all citizens of United Kingdom lived outside their country of origin.

UK: Inward migration to United Kingdom: 8,543,120.

In 2015, the immigrant population of United Kingdom was 13.20% of total resident population.

Five Countries that have the highest percentage of expats

Website: (2015) Going Global

Expat populations follows the money:

- Some with very high turnover rates

- Expat population is higher than the local population

Examples of countries that have the highest percentage of expats

Qatar Over 70% of Qatar's population is expat. In 2014, out of Qatar's 1.8 million, only 278,000 are locals. That means about 1.5 million were expats.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE has a population of 9.2 million but only about 1.4 million are locals. The rest are expats which number nearly 8 million. Meaning over 80% of the population are expats.

Kuwait: Kuwait has a total population of 4.1 million, of which only 1.2 million are Kuwaiti nationals. The remaining 2.8 million, who make up 70% of the population, are expats.


Singapore has a population of around five and a half (5.5) million people. About 40% are long-term permanent or expat residents

About: Jon Dunning

Host of NewZealand Pocket Radio NewZealand Pocket Radio NewZealand Pocket Radio

Website: NewZealand Pocket Radio

Hear Jon's Four Seas One Family interview.

Over the years, Jon has worked as an actor - and a lifeguard and bike messenger in the long gaps between acting jobs. After starting and growing a small business, he has spent most of his career improving service delivery, customer experience and staff development for organizations on three continents.

Working in local government in New Zealand, he blends his leadership, facilitation and coaching skills with design thinking, process improvement and capability-building to create engaged teams, better services and happier customers.

As a coach, Jon combines his passion for helping other grow with his experience in business and community work to coach those who seek to explore their full potential.

Away from work, Jon enjoys reading, writing and podcasting on a quiet rural smallholding in New Zealand's South Kaipara.


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