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Aug 31, 2016

Join us this episode as our host, James Thomas, sits down for a chat with Zambian-Canadian expat-entrepreneur Mr. Rico Ngoma. Tune in and listen to what lead Mr. Ngoma to learn more about China and what gave him the spark to finally move to China and start a business in the southern ever-moving Chinese city of Guangzhou. As Rico’s parents are also deeply involved in business, it maybe fair to say that doing business is in Rico’s DNA.

Rico followed the road many expats take while living abroad and draws some interesting comparisons between doing business and living a normal life in China that may sound confusing to anyone upon their first encounter. Rico is and open-minded individual and shows how understanding the history of a people can help an expat except, survive and understand their life in their overseas location.

Rico’s direct comments offers valuable insights into the life of an expat businessman navigating the bumpy business roads in China.

Rico explains: “…China is not a big Walmart where you can go to an aisle and get want you want…”


On his Made in China Podcast, Rico explains what is a “China Day”.

His experiences in China have also become valuable assets in the creation of his podcast that you can find in iTunes: Made in China Podcast.

MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: - Source Find Asia is my product manufacturing consulting company based in Guangzhou. We source high quality suppliers for clients, manage mass production orders, QC, shipping & logistics etc. Our clients range from e-commerce like Amazon FBA sellers or large software companies transitioning into physical products. - Is a private (paid) online mastermind community with 150 members. We focus on manufacturing in China; our members have raised over $2 million from crowd funding campaigns using the methods developed in the community.

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