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Mar 8, 2017

It is often hard or almost impossible to predict where your life journey may ultimately take you. An expat’s journey leads to different pathways for self-discovery. My guest this episode is American expat Carlo JaMelle. He proves in a unique way that it is very possible to become an accidental expat and, in the end, enjoy and learn from the path taken.

Carlo talks about how he ended up going to Taiwan after graduating from college. Without any in-depth knowledge of his future overseas home, he shares how he learned the skill of cultural adaptation and assimilation.

It isn’t hard to see that Carlo, as an African-American expat who has chosen to educate himself about his overseas environment, is using his cultural adaptation skills to communicate with people across cultural boundaries. He has placed himself in a position of tearing down walls of cultural misunderstandings when others back in his home nation are building walls up.


Facebook: Carlo JaMelle

National Taiwan University

National Chengchi University


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