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Mar 25, 2017

There are a few expats who have totally immersed themselves in the culture and lifestyle of their host nation. They later discover that their relationship with their adopted home has become strong and, in some cases, inseparable. Because of this type of unexplainable connection, a few expats have made the decision to give up the passport of their nation of birth to become a citizen of the nation of their adopted home. This transformation for many isn’t an easy one and, in some cases, irreversible.

In this episode, James sits down for a chat with TC Lin. TC was born in the United States and decided to go to Taiwan to study Mandarin Chinese in college. TC later found himself in a place that helped him find out more about himself. He shares his tribulations and walks us through what went through his mind after making the decision to give up his U. S. passport to become a citizen of a land so different from his upbringing.


TC Lin’s Personal Website: Poagao

TC Lin’s Book on Amazon: Barbarian At The Gate

Wikipedia: TC Lin

Facebook: TC Lin

Twitter: Follow @poagao

Youtube: TC Lin Youtube Page

Instagram: thepoagao

Flickr: Poagao


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