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Apr 27, 2017

Everyone living outside his or her home nation as a story to tell that explains why they made the choice to travel and then live abroad. In today’s episode we have a guest that fits this description without exception. Currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Anthony Rigogliosi shares with us what brought him to the realization of why he had to change is life situation in his home nation and move abroad.


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Website: Podcast Ninja

Youtube: Trek the World TV

Memorable Quotes:

(05:00 mins.) "Respectfully not caring what people say..."

(06:20 mins.) "Someone that doesn't have much can give so much. much."

(8:35 mins.):"Living in my car taught me the simplicities of life."

(09:35 mins.) "The Four Hour Work Week"

(13:20 mins.) "You meet the right person when you are doing the right thing."

(22:03 mins.) "Real people here."

(23:00 mins.) "Gratitude. You can't teach it."

(00:00 mins.) "Don't do the things you hate."

(25:35 mins.) "Stop doing the things you don't like and spend time doing the things you do like."


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