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Mar 28, 2018

Welcome to a roller coaster of an episode. We have American travel writers Joshua Samuel Brown and Stephanie Huffman as our guests this episode. Joshua and Stephanie are travel writers with a new book coming out soon (May 2018) that centers on traveling in Taiwan. Joshua and Stephanie are a couple that always seem to have a limitless supply of unpredictable energy and creativity. Joshua has written many articles from many countries for popular magazines which includes The Lonely Planet travel guide series. Hear how Joshua, a fast paced New Yorker, persuaded Stephanie, a small town girl from Portland, Oregon, to join him on his overseas travel writing journey. Oh, listen in and find out what is “The Talk”.


Facebook: Joshua Samuel Brown

Facebook: My Taiwan Tour

Facebook: Author at Lonely Planet

Website: KBOO Community Radio

Amazon: Book: Green Island (Shawna Yang Ryan)


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