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May 3, 2018

There are many doors that we have to open and close to reach our life goals. Some doors are slammed in our faces and sometimes we have to slam the doors ourselves in order to preserve the little time we have. And because of this, it isn’t often that we come across people that have developed the ability to without hesitation unconditionally accept all the ups and downs life has to offer without regrets. On this podcast episode, we are lucky to have someone who is a true living and functional example of this fact.

This episode we welcome American world traveler, Crystal Lynn Bell. Ms. Bell started traveling the world at an early age and is currently living in Zagred, Croatia and calls herself a spiritual empowerment coach and traveling mystic. She travels the world offering spiritual guidance to those who are looking for a closer connection to themselves, the world and others.


Website: Crystal Lynn Bell

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Facebook: Crystal Lynn Bell

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Instagram: @crystallynnbell


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