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Aug 29, 2015

This isn’t new news. In fact, maybe it’s a trend.  More and more students are leaving the US to study abroad. Nothing new about this fact, but the point to mention is less than 10% of American students today choose to study abroad and there are several reasons why this is so. This low rate of increase is far behind...

Aug 22, 2015

Join James in a studio interview with local radio and TV personality Stevie G. Listen to the road this US expat took to find his way in his new home. Stevie has some funny encounters and anecdotes to share during his time in Taiwan.


Thank you very much for taking the time to...

Aug 7, 2015

This episode was quickly patched together while in the middle of Super Typhoon Soudelor (8/8/2015). I wanted to get this episode out before the heavy part of the storm hit the island and as a result a lot of tongue twisting occurred.

 In this episode I present a very brief overview of getting a Taiwan work permit...