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Oct 7, 2016

In this episode, James is talking to American expat, part-time musician with a voice that any radio announcer would dream of having, Mr. Jim Santos. Jim is a retired network engineer from the DC area someplace near Chesapeake Bay and is connecting to us from Ecuador. I found Jim from one of his articles posted on the Wall Street Journal website.

From his overseas vantage point, Jim uses a direct and, at times, strategic humorous point of view to highlight the events currently going on in the US.

He talks about unfortunate events brought him and his wife together and to life in Ecuador. Jim points out that there is a big difference between vacationing somewhere and living abroad. For Jim and his wife home is anywhere they are together and happy.

In this interview, Jim honestly lays out what he notices from the events taking place in his home nation. I really appreciate he’s straightforward and honest opinions.


Jim words of wisdom while living as an expat:

(05:04) “I give good phone.”

(07:08) “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

(07:54) “Home is just where we are together and happy.”

(08:25) “Your place doesn’t matter as much as where you are inside matters.”

(13:14) “People are still people no matter how different the culture is.”

(13:47) Jim talks about the two common complaints American expats mention while living abroad.

(14:24) “Mañana” doesn’t mean tomorrow. It means not right now, not today.”

(14:54) “It’s the time you spend with people that is important not to time as it is measured on your clock or on your calendar.”

(29:26) “You don’t run away from something to enjoy yourself.”

(30:30) "Reminds me of the George Wallace campaign."

Jim's powerful blog posts

Website: Jim’s informative blog:

Article Make America Hate Again

Article: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Article: Do You Believe in Forever?

Article: Masters of Distraction

Additional links of interest:


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