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Oct 23, 2016

I have been receiving email from listeners across Facebook and Twitter about covering the topic of parenting overseas. So over the next few weeks, I will be trying to deliver more information about the nuances of parenting as an expat abroad. I will also try to gather information from a variety of expats located in different parts of the world and focus on the commonalities of trying to raise children outside of their passport nation. So beginning in this episode we sit down for a chat with an American expat from Michigan, now living in Abu Dhabi, Ms. Liz Tracy.

Liz has taken to the road abroad with her cute seven-year-old daughter who isn’t having any problem adapting to the expat experience. In fact, Liz’s little doll has been traveling since she was six months old! As a result, she has become used to hearing different languages, observing different cultures and meeting people of all colors, shapes and sizes. In her young innocent eyes, she is just seeing people for what they really are….just simply ”people”.

At the time of this episode, Liz, who is a teacher with a degree in anthropology, has been living in Abu Dhabi with her daughter for four years and she doesn’t miss anything about the snow people back in her hometown get in Michigan.

- Running helps Liz unwind.

- Find out what is the “A” word in Liz’s home because somebody has to be one.

Some of Liz’s quotes:

26:25 mins. “Sometimes you just need to cry and that’s okay.”

26:27 mins. “Sometimes you just need to eat a pound of chocolate and that’s okay.”

26:40 mins. “We can have a break now and that’s okay as long as we pick up the pieces and stand back up.”

27:30 mins. “When you say “yes” to everything, it gets expensive.”

31:13 mins. “I became parent so that I can parent. Whether it’s good or bad, that’s what I chose to do.”


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