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Nov 5, 2016

In this episode, we have American-expat Drey Gibson who is, at the time of this episode, living in Germany. He is also an expat guest with a military background. Drey is from a place in the U.S. where people from his small town, at the time of his service in the U.S. military, had limited access to information regarding traveling and living overseas.

Drey is an engaging speaker who goes into how he coped with life overseas while in the military. It is easy to hear that his clear and positive state of mind helped him enjoy life abroad. He mentions how being overseas with his fellow soldiers in the late 1990’s is a factor that keeps them united even to this day. He also states clearly that going abroad and interacting with the local people directly changed his perspective of the world and its people.

With a background in media, Drey is now working in the education field. He and his German wife, have three wonderful children with very different and unique personalities. He points out that, partly because of his military postings, he is pleased that his children were able to travel with him to different countries and be exposed to different cultures.

Drey is also the host of the secular interview podcast.

Another Atheist Podcast

Our guest is a strong believer that expats have a responsibility to share their experiences with those who, for various reasons, aren’t able to travel. He feels it’s important for expats to plant seeds in the minds of people in their hometown or nation that encourages them to travel abroad to see and learn about the world. Maybe by doing so, people will see at a personal level how much they really are alike.


Website: Another Atheist Podcast

Facebook: Another Atheist Podcast Page

Some of Drey’s memorable quotes:

(13:08 mins.) "Coming here changed my perpective."

(16:33 mins.) "Why do you stay in touch with them?"

(17:14 mins) "We called ourselves "113"."

(22:10 mins.) "They thought that all black people drove around in Cadillacs"

(27:18 mins.) "I stay positive for one."

(30:57 mins.) "Yeh, but none of that of what you just said is true."

(42:15 mins) "We are looking at the election in a different manner."

(48:15 mins) "I stride to be a good human being."

(49:40 mins.) “It’s our duty to ... try to relate our experiences with other people.”


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