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Nov 20, 2016

In this episode, we chat in the Marilyn Monroe suite with Angela Carson. Angela is an American expat from Southern California who has travelled all over the globe to over 33 different countries looking for adventure (I said "adventure" not trouble! [smile]). Angela has not only managed to travel the world and commit to an exciting career as an accomplished travel blogger (Boy! Am I jealous! [wink!]), but also raise, as a single parent I may add, a wonderful daughter. Find out what Angela's daughter considers the best thing that has ever happened to her. What is it that she discovered? What is it that she learnt?

Listen to how Angela got the travel bug at an early age and avoided many obstacles along the way. She explains further how she took some terrible ideals and made the best of the experience.

Find out why I call Angela the female "Rambo"!

Memorable Quotes:

(04:52 mins.) "I was attacked by bandits on a mountain road."

(07:02 mins.) "You regret the things that you don't do more than the things that you do."

(08:30 mins.) "That's not really how I work"

(12:22 mins.) "Oh yeah, I really don't roll that way"

(15:10 mins.) "I had shoulder pads and everything...purple leggings."

(16:35 mins.) "We sat down on the sofa. We open up Google Maps and I said "Okay, where do we want to live?"

(27:50 mins.) "Sounds stupid want to say it out loud sometimes, but because he was such a jackxxs..."

(31:12 mins.) "We went from being in Barcelona...where we cared about labels... we cared about being cool, looking pretty, all those thingsto moving to India and... where you had to cover up."

(32:10 mins.) "When she was leaving...Peace of mind on her back shoulder."

(32:52 mins.) "Really? ...and she said "It's the best thing that eever happened to me."

(36:37 mins.) "There is so much to learn about the world and ourselves by stepping outside our doors."

(38:00 mins.) "If you're happy first as a parent, as a woman or man, then you'll bring happiness to your children."


Website: Expat Angela

Article: I’ve Never Been More Embarrassed To Be American: By California Expat Living in Muslim Country

Website: Angela's Bangalore

Website: Luxury Bucketlist

Facebook: ExpatAngela

Twitter: Follow @ExpatAngela

Youtube: Angela's Adventures (Angela Carson-ExpatTravel)

Instagram: expatangela


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