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Dec 15, 2016

An expat may never be fully intergraded or accepted into all parts of a host nation. There will always be a far side of a host nation that an expat may never be allowed to reach and this is something that may just have to be accepted. The reasons for this may frankly be the way an expat converses with citizens, habits displayed or simply the way a particular expat looks.

Local citizens aren’t under any obligation to completely accept an expat as one of their own. The only thing an expat can do, as a human being, is to strengthen the personal relationships he or she has built within their host nation.

Many national constitutions make it a clear point that in legal disputes between a foreign national and a citizen of their nation, any decision made must place their citizen’s rights as having priority over foreign national’s at all levels in any litigation.

Sovereign nations retain the right to expel any foreign national deemed as disrupting the political affairs of their country. Expats taking part in local civil disobedience within a host nation is a sensitive issue. If expats do take it upon themselves to take part in protests or civil actions in their residing nation, they must be fully aware and understand the consequences of their actions.


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