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Oct 31, 2016

In our efforts to further understand the expat experience while raising children abroad, we are lucky this episode to gain further insights into the topic with our guest and fellow podcaster, Ms. Jennifer Langkjaer. Jennifer is an American expat currently living in Switzerland near Zurich.

Jennifer briefly talks about how her children kept up with pop-culture in the US and the type of education her children are getting in Switzerland as opposed to what they may need upon returning to the United States. She also talks about how important it is to try to learn to communicate in the local language. She mentions one experience when she had to use the local language which later made her proud. At the moment of this interview, Jennifer is connecting to us during a semester stay in Houston Texas.

Some of Jennifer’s memorable quotes. Find out why they were said:

(05:45 mins.) “The things that you thought you were going to have access to aren’t the things that you actually have access to.”

(07:00 mins.) “A case of you don’t know what you don’t know.”

(09:00 mins.) “Everything that is just a normal easy part of everyday living becomes much harder becasue …”

(19:58 mins.) “There’s nobody falling into employment in Switzerland.”

(28:31 mins.) “If you can’t fit in were you’re living, you won’t make it to be a long-term expat.”

(31:36 mins.) “Never compare because you will always find something coming up short.”

(31:56 mins.) “…not reject your home culture unless …”

(32:18 mins.) “If you’re living as an expat, then it’s important to embrace things from home and things from the host and teach your kids to do that too.”


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