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Dec 4, 2016

In this episode we are having a wonderful chat with Pakistani expat Shehar Bano Rizvi (A name that James easily mispronounces.) who, at the time of this interview, has been living in Doha, Qatar for 13 years. Shehar is raising three children in her adopted home and shares how her little ones are adapting to a life that is constantly being in a mix of different languages, faces and cultures. Learn why Shehar sees this fact as a strong asset to her children’s personal development. She goes into why she decided to not return to her high paced job in Doha to stay at home with her little ones. Also, hear how she and her husband are keeping their three young children connected with the culture and language of their home nation.

Shehar wasn’t always upbeat about her life in Qatar after spending most of her life in Karachi, Pakistan, also known as the City of Lights, until the age of 13. Listen to how, after coming to Qatar as a Certified Project Management Professional, homesickness crawled into her life. Take a peek at how she worked her way into and integrated into her overseas environment. Hear how she uses her extensive blog postings to express life as an expat mother raising young children.

Find out who should be a candidate for the Urdu police.


Website: Diary of a PMP Mom

Article: Qatar and Me

Article: From My Kicthen

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Some of Shehar's Memorable Quotes:

(05:47 mins.) "Do you get Burger King there?"

(11:03 mins.) "After about six months I started to get depressed."

(12:10 mins.) "I couldn't cook."

(00:00 mins.) "Unless the she learns to speak the language, we are not.... "

(24:44 mins.) "Ask daddy."

(28:43mins.) "Why aren't celebrating Christmas? "

(31:25 mins.)"..but deep down they're all her friends."

(37:30 mins.) "Having that ability to adapt is the key to living abroad."


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