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Jan 19, 2017

In this episode, American expat Jim Kovpak joins us from Moscow, Russia. Jim has been living in Moscow for over ten years and goes into how he became attracted to Russia at an early age.

Today Jim is a very active expat journalist who has covered stories for many international news agencies. While living and working in Russia, Jim and a friend noticed the false reality presented in the media about Russia and the lives of its people. Because of this, Jim and his friend created the website Russia Without BS. His blog centers on what Russia is really like without bias media opinions. His blog has a faithful following of readers who are well versed in Russian history and culture.

In this interview, Jim not only explains what is behind some of the misalignments in Russian reporting, but also goes into some of the reasons why many media pundits in the West have developed an unrealistic view of Russia and its diverse people.


Website: Russia Without BS

Facebook: Russia Without BS

Twitter: Follow @RussiawithoutBS


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