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Feb 16, 2017

It is quite common for expat women traveling abroad, and especially raising a family, to feel lost and lose a sense of purpose. It is easy to feel overwhelmed in an unfamiliar overseas environment. I’m lucky this episode to chat with Ms. Rita Golstein-Galperin a career makeover strategists who focuses on helping expat women abroad find or recalibrate a their life direction.

Rita works with women all over the world and offers an online service that helps women focus and stay targeted on their life goals while overseas. She has developed online coaching materials to help women realize that their overseas lives can be made relevant to the goals and dreams they want to achieve. Rita is also the author of the book "Grow Abroad (Gift of Reinventing and Owning your Worth)". This book is the quintessential guide for expat women looking to get beyond their "Zombie Mode" of existence.

Rita says it better in her own words:

From Rita's Expat Renaissance Website

I’m a Career Makeover Strategist® for expat women and the founder of Expat Renaissance.

A somewhat serial expat from childhood, I’m now a multicultural mom in Paris and a passionate lover of all chocolate:) More to the point though, I’m a former serial career sifter: a lawyer, economist, tutor, public policy analyst and a senior diplomat….

The question of “what do I want to do when I grow up?” hunted me for years. I read every book, attended every workshop and bought every program out there to try and figure it out…

Till it hit me: there is NO right or wrong answers, it’s just the journey. And so, after training as a coach, I’ve decided I don’t want to grow up and I don’t want to put my dream on hold… this is my time to thrive. I since helped hundreds of women around the world redefine and reinvent their success abroad.


If you are a female expat who is searching for a way to refocus on a goal, Rita’s awesome online service may be the guiding light that can help you remap and rediscover your life while abroad.

Website: Expat Renaissance

Book: "Grow Abroad (Gift of Reinventing and Owning your Worth)"

More About: Expat Renaissance

Facebook: Expat Wonder-Women


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