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Jul 28, 2017

When living overseas as an expat you are sure to make cultural mistakes. However you have to take every mistake that you make as a learning experience to help you comprehend the culture you’re living in. To help ease and improve an expat overseas experience it is of the greatest importance to learn about the customs and habits of the host nation and it's local community. .

When expats interact with the local community, it’s not only an opportunity for an expat to learn about their host nation, but also an opportunity for the people within the local community to learn how to deal with people who are from outside their nation. The main objective should be to learn about cultural nuances and understand why some behaviors are welcomed and others taboo. In this episode, we share cultural etiquette tips. We walk through the pros and cons of doing certain things in a nation and how cultural habits are linked to a nation’s language and history.


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