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Aug 2, 2018

This episode we have someone who honestly looks at the world from not only a realistic, but also a spiritual point of view that in many ways exemplifies basic human characteristics and values. Peter Fogtdal, a humorous Danish author, writer and lecturer, shares with us his unique view of life while living as an immigrant and working in the United States. Tune in to hear this proud Dane’s observations of how he relates and compares his life overseas in his host nation to life and events in his home nation.

Peter has a voice made for broadcasting and, at the time of this broadcast, 14 novels under his belt and some of which have a satirical tone but at the same time exemplifies Peter’s spiritual values.

I found Peter to be full of energy and I think that helps him to define and explain what he sees around him in a humorous way.


Website: Danish Accent

Website: Danish For Dummies

Article: Hawthorne Books

Amazon: Peter Fogtdal

Amazon: The Tsar's Dwarf

Wikipedia: Peter Fogtdal

Social Media Links

Facebook: Peter Fogtdal

Twitter: Follow @danish_novelist

Youtube Interview: Peter H. Fogtdal Interview -- The Tsar's Dwarf

Instagram: peterhfogtdal

Google +: Peter H. Fogtdal


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